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Asymmetric Solutions To The Intractable


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FVG's research focus is CGI Behavioral Visual Effects. BFX integrates logic synthesis with cognitive computing automating modeling, animation and VFX to dynamically generate Mixed Reality interactive synthetic content in real-time.  Initial focus is real-time synthesis of VFX since VFX is a complex systems task.


Mixed reality (MR)—sometimes referred to as hybrid reality—is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce novel environments and visualizations where physical and dynamically synthesized content co-exist and interact in real-time.


Picture surgeons overlaying virtual ultrasound images on their patient while performing an operation, for example. The key of MR is that the synthetic content and the real-world content are able to react to each other in real-time.


MR applications are projected to reach $150 billion dollars by 2020. MR has two components, hardware and VFX content. Automated generation of VFX content is critical to MR applications. Current VFX technology is manual labor intensive and focused on story telling required of games, commercials and film.

Future Vision Guide (FVG) conducts Independent Research And Development (IRAD) on science, technologies and applications, considered to be intractable.


Expertise spans AI, VR, CGI, IT, SIGINT, molecule design, supercomputing, complexity, physics, materials, math, engineering, novel algorithms. Success in these and other areas of science, technologies and applications is defined by asymmetric methods to create successful solutions to intractable challenges.

Prior US DoD Agency Top Secret SCIF Clearances With Polygraph Extended  Background Check.

Successful IRAD Solving Intractable Challenges Asymmetrically Since The Cold War.

Haptic Data Glove Applications Were Pioneered During Lars Wood 1980s VR Research

In a mixed reality, a variety of technologies is integrated such as virtual reality, augmented reality and animated virtual agents and possibly robotic agents. One of the main challenges is how to design and implement a mixed reality that integrates a heterogeneous array of sensors and actuators, immersive interactive environments into a VFX aware system that engages the user, providing a meaningful experience. VFX aware technology is our focus.

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