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AFX MR Server

Automated VFX Synthesis Engine For Real-Time Mixed Reality

Current focus is Algorithmic Visual Effects (AFX) for Mixed Reality application. AFX integrates logic synthesis with cognitive computing automating modeling, animation and VFX to generate Mixed Reality interactive synthetic content in real-time.  AFX focus is the automated synthesis of Mixed Reality CGI content.


Imagine you are searching this building, for example. Using AFX MR you view threats calculatively through real-time VFX, GIS and situational sensor fused information projected on your MR glasses. The key is both the synthetically generated CG content and the real-world are able to react together in real-time. MR applications are currently projected to reach $150+ billion dollars by 2020.

Technical computing is the application of the mathematical and computational principles of scientific computing to solve hard challenges of industrial interest.


Future Vision Guide (FVG) conducts Independent Research And Development (IRAD) on science, technology and applications integrating core competencies.


Expertise spans AI, VR, VFX, CGI, GIS, IT, molecule design, supercomputing, complexity, physics, materials, math, engineering, novel algorithms. Success in these and other areas of science, technologies and applications is defined by asymmetric methods to develop novel solutions to hard technical challenges.

Prior US DoD Agency Top Secret SCIF Clearances With Polygraph Extended  Background Check.

Successful IRAD Solving Technical Computing

Challenges Since The Cold War.

Drone Over Watch Broadcasts Sensor And AFX MR Fused Situational VFX

AFX Enabled MR Glasses Provide Calculative Threat Decision Making

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