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FVG's current research and development focuses on implementing Category IV synaptic network technology for Algorithmic Visual Effects (AFX). AFX applies 2.5D computational vision and speech reconstruction technology to automatically create animated character models from any image reference. We are validating Category IV machine reasoning using AFX intelligent animation.


The FVG long term goal is to automate animation and modeling intelligent 2.5D Category IV characters and agents, which respond affectively to each other. This will be demonstrated by automated animated intellgent agent productions.

Prior US DoD Agency Top Secret SCIF Clearances With Polygraph Extended Background Check.

Successful ARAD Solving Complex Technical Industrial

Challenges Since The Cold War.

Research and development is a component of innovation and is situated at the front end of the innovation life cycle. It is a crucial factor in nation state survival.


Future Vision Guide (FVG) conducts Advanced Research And Development (ARAD) in science, engineering and technology integrating core competencies.


FVG expertise spans AI, VR, VFX, CV, CGI, GIS, IT, SR, molecular analysis and design, supercomputing, complexity, physics, materials, mathematics, engineering and algorithms. Success in these and other areas of science, technologies and applications is defined by cross disciplinary asymmetric methods to develop solutions to difficult scientific and engineering challenges.

FVG AFX 2.5D Computational Vision And Speech Reconstruction Technology Takes Any Image Or Image Sequence Including Non-Visual Input Electrodynamic Sources And Audio As Data Inputs.

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